As I speak, the Microcurrency market is up after Bitcoin tested important resistance at $40,000 overnight. This latest move takes the total market capitalization of all coins to over 1.5 trillion - still nearly 50% off of its highs of 2.6 trillion back in May, but more than 30% above last week's lows of less than 1.2 trillion.

These past few months have led to the deepest and longest lasing pullback we've seen in the Microcurrency market since the last bear market; however, we've been buying the dip on great setups all throughout - believing a bear cycle like the one we saw in 2018-2019 hasn't started just yet. And while volatility has left some of our recent trades in the red by more than we'd like, ultimately, we're coming out of this mostly unscathed.

With that said, as the Microcurrency market regains its footing, here's the top coins we think have the best shot of leading the Microcurrency market back to new all-time-highs!

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