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Top Coins We’re Watching After Last Week’s Big Drop

This past week, the Microcurrency market is holding near its lows after last week's plunge, with the two major coins - Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) - down -11% and -9% from this time last week. This isn't too surprising as we were expecting a big move after such a long consolidation...

Crypto Coin

Crypto Market Update August 2023

This time last year, Bitcoin (BTC) was in dire straits as the coin had lost -70% from its November '21 highs. Then, in Q1 of this year the coin blew it out of the park, gaining more than +80% and outperforming all the benchmarks including the S&P, Nasdaq, and Gold combined.

Crypto Coin

This coin is ready for a quick rally

Throughout 2023, Wrapped Centrifuge (WCFG) has been an extremely volatile coin. Kicking things off great by gaining +200% from January to March, before losing -66% by June, and roundtripping it with another +150% gain from June to July. Wow!