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Tom Gentile here with a brand-new Microcurrency Trader opportunity for you…

BLZ recently traded to strong historical support at $0.06-$0.08, and the coin just put in one of its most lucrative signals in its recent history – a currency wave between its 10 and 30 period moving averages.

The coin’s last three currency waves offered 50-100% gains in the next two weeks or less, and we’re targeting a similar move this time around…

Take a look:

A +50% or more increase in price would take the coin to $0.15-$0.18, highlighted in the red zone on my chart. This is an area on the chart where BLZ has historically reacted sharply to the downside. In addition, BLZ‘s 200-period MA as well as an obvious down trending line are here, making it a perfect area for profit taking.

And as for where we’re wrong, prices at or below BLZ‘s recent lows of $0.06-0.08, about 30% below current prices, could mean even more selling to come for the coin, and we’d likely be taking an early exit and moving on to better opportunities…

With that said, here’s what to do:

Action to Take: Using your Coinbase or Binance account, buy Bluzelle (BLZ) at the market. Close the entire position at 50% profits – or when you hear from me.

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