Here at Alternative Wealth Daily, our team of experts constantly work to make sure that you’re in the know with the latest happenings in crypto.

One of these experts is Chief Crypto Strategist Nick Black.

And right now, one of the coins Nick is particularly bullish on is SingularityNET (AGIX).

SingularityNET uses blockchain technology to allow interoperability between different types of artificial intelligence (A.I.), so they can “cooperate and coordinate at scale.”

Don’t worry if that just sounded like a bunch of gibberish.

To get a better understanding of what SingularityNET is/can accomplish, there are two projects in particular worth checking out: Rejuve and NuNet (NTX).

Rejuve is a life extension project. The plan is to reward people with crypto tokens in exchange for answering surveys about their health and lifestyle. The data is not linked to the participants but is pooled together on the blockchain for artificial intelligence to analyze. Over time, the project founders expect to find ways to extend the human life span.

NuNet is a project designed to harness the mostly wasted computing power of our high-tech devices.

That would include not just PCs but smartphones, gaming systems, and even smart appliances. It seeks to use A.I. to manage a vast global network of computing devices, making it possible to share and monetize titanic amounts of computing power and data.

Now, in addition to Nick talking about the AGIX token, you’ll also hear him talk about airdrops for AGIX. Airdrops are incentives that companies give to customers who own a certain amount of their crypto.

Typically, the airdrops are of the same crypto, but they could also airdrop different tokens.

This airdrop, in particular, will be NuNet coins that will be distributed to all AGIX owners.

Here’s what you need to know to qualify for these upcoming airdrops…

Let’s Get Started

To have qualified for the first of these airdrops, you’ll need to have had 2,500 coins in your MetaMask wallet at some point during the eligibility period between January 5 and January 19.

Need help creating your MetaMask account? We’re here for you with our step-by-step guide. Access it here.

That’s when a “snapshot” is taken of the network to verify AGIX ownership.

Three more airdrops are scheduled through October, each with its own eligibility window. In addition, the AGIX website states you must have 2,500 coins at all times,” so make sure you don’t go below 2,500 coins.

If you don’t know how to buy AGIX, you can follow our guide here.

If you have any additional questions, we also have this resource for you: You’ve Got AGIX Questions, We’ve Got AGIX Answers.

3 Very Important Things to Know

Before we go any further, there are three important things to know.

  1. If your 2,500 coins are not in MetaMask, you cannot qualify for that quarter’s airdrop.
  2. If you didn’t transfer your AGIX tokens to MetaMask by January 5 for Q1 then you also won’t qualify for the Q4 airdrop.
  3. And finally, if not claimed by November 22, any and all tokens will be returned to the community rewards pool for future distribution.

Don’t be too upset if you missed the January 5 deadline.

You’re still eligible for the Q2 and Q3 airdrops if you are registered and have 2,500 or more tokens in MetaMask.

If you missed the January 5th Q1 deadline or are just hearing about AGIX and want to get in on the airdrop action, you’ve got plenty of time to get prepared so you don’t miss out.

The Q2 snapshot eligibility period is March 19 to April 19, and the one for Q3 is June 18 to July 18. Registration for Q2 runs April 20 to 25.

For Q3, it’s July 19 to 24.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s fill you in on how to get you some free coins.

How to Register for the NuNet Airdrop

First, go to

You’ll see this icon in the top right that will allow you to connect your MetaMask wallet to verify that you have the 2,500 coins needed.

Once you have connected your MetaMask wallet, you should see a confirmation at the top telling you that your MetaMask wallet is connected.

This is an acknowledgment that you have the required 2,500 coins for the reward.

This is not the end of the registration process! You’ve only been confirmed that you are eligible. Don’t worry – you’re nearly there.

Next, you should see a countdown clock in the center with three green buttons below it.

Click this one:

Once you click “Register Now,” a MetaMask notification will appear for confirmation that you want to register your coins.

Click “Sign,” and once you see the following page, everything is set.

If you click the “Get Notifications” button, you will receive a notification on when to register for Q2, Q3, and Q4.

Finally, to get your NuNet tokens into your MetaMask wallet, you need to claim them on the NuNet website.

Here are the four claim periods:

Q1: January 26

Q2: April 26

Q3: July 25

Q4: October 22

If you have any issues with this process, please feel free to leave a note in the comment section for this guide.

We always try to address as many questions as possible.

Take care,

The Alternative Wealth Daily Research Team

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