Whether you’re new to crypto or a seasoned pro, there are certain cryptocurrencies that I believe should be in every investor’s portfolio.

Take Bitcoin (BTC).

If I only had one place to put my money in crypto, Bitcoin would be it.

It’s my store of value; my version of gold.

But when it comes to the biggest portion of your portfolio – the part that’s going to generate the kind of wealth you’ll be thanking me for later – you need to be looking at protocol layer cryptos.

Think of these protocol layer cryptos as the roads and highways that connect the entire cryptocurrency space.

By owning the best protocol layer cryptos today, you’ll own the infrastructure of the future.

That’s how you get rich.

And while there are several cryptos that fall into this basket, not all of them are worth your money.

So today, I’m going to help you sort out the winners from the wannabes.

I’ll share my six favorite protocol layer picks in just six minutes – plus a bonus pick you can evaluate for yourself – right here…

In case you missed any, the protocol layer cryptos I mentioned are:

  1. Cardano (ADA)
  2. Polkadot (DOT)
  3. Ethereum (ETH)
  4. Cosmos (ATOM)
  5. NEAR Protocol (NEAR)
  6. Algorand (ALGO)
  7. And my bonus maybe pick was Avalanche (AVAX).
Each of these picks passes my “Five Ts” framework for evaluating a crypto investment – team, technology, tokenomics, timing, and the problem, which I also refer to as “why token?” You can access my “Five Ts” guide right here to learn more.

You know which protocol layer cryptos I think have the biggest moneymaking potential…

Now, I bet you want to know just how high their prices could climb this year. I have you covered with my 2022 crypto price predictions right here.

Take care,

Nick Black
Chief Crypto Strategist, American Institute for Crypto Investors


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Greg S
Greg S
11 months ago

Hi Nick ! Thank you for all the knowledge and information about the Crypto universe Right now believing in the markets will rebound from this red bottom I will continue to build my portfolio with quality assets as you are .Thanks to you ,Tom and the Amazing Team at Money morning Live I’m really new to Crypto but learning a lot more importantly trusting the process ( the dip ) will rise again .

American Institute for Crypto Investors Research Team
American Institute for Crypto Investors Research Team
11 months ago
Reply to  Greg S

Very welcome, be patient for the next Bull run.