There are a ton of reasons to own cryptocurrency – it’s the first truly new asset class in 300 years, and the best-performing in the world right now.

I can’t think of too many stocks that have 600X’d since 2013, let alone a real estate or bond portfolio. Even with the ongoing pullback, folks who’ve hung in there have still banked 200 times their stake – enough to turn $10,000 into $2 million.

So of course, I own crypto and plenty of it – I’ve owned it since I mined my first Bitcoin in my garage back in the day. The gains made me a believer. I just put another $100,000 into Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH), and I don’t plan on cashing out.

But that’s not all I’m doing.

I’ve got a buy-and-hold portfolio, but I found the serious money comes in moving in and out of smaller coins – “microcurrencies” – that can make much bigger, faster moves than Bitcoin, say, or Ether.

And they make these moves in all kinds of markets. I launched a microcurrency trading service in 2018, during another “bad market,” and my readers got a crack at 75% gains, on average that year. This year, which is arguably even tougher for crypto, 57% of my picks so far have been winners, and people following along are up as much as 26% on average… all while Bitcoin’s been down 60% for the year.

So now I’m going to show you what they are, why they move the way they do, and how they could do for you what they’ve done for me…

What You Need to Know About Microcurrency Moves

Aside from big marquee coins like BTC, ETH, Litecoin, and a few others, cryptocurrency is still kind of a wild frontier. Big projects are laid out every day, and the hard truth is most of them aren’t going to be winners.

A few dozen of them, though, are going to change the world. They’re going to gather momentum, see increasing adoption – Cardano (ADA) is one that jumps to mind.

If Bitcoin is a big-tent, “digital gold” crypto with a variety of uses, microcurrencies serve tiny niches. Machine learning in artificial intelligence projects, the retail cannabis sector, video gaming, travel, international remittances, and so on.

There’s a huge variety here; if you can think of something that needs to be done, there’s likely a microcurrency that can do it.

I’ve dealt with dozens of them over the years, so I think the easiest way to visualize these tokens is to think of them like some blockbuster Netflix series. These coins have a big “story arc” that’s going to play out over years.

The ending is virtually guaranteed to be dynamite, but it’s going to be a real ride getting there…

These tokens are going to see breakthroughs and setbacks, incredibly bullish gains and steep, steep pullbacks. They’ll be swept higher and lower on broad market momentum, and on very specific project developments. People will buy the rumor and sell the news.

If you look at the market today, when everything’s down, you might not think it’s a great day to be trading crypto, but don’t be fooled. Don’t be fooled. Crypto is down because everything is down. Everything is down because the fed is talking about raising interest rates. Stocks, cryptos, precious metals, everything. That’s just the big trend right now.

The key to making money on coins like at times like this is to “stick and move” like a boxer – enter and exit the positions according to signals. Buy, take profits, and sell.

And this strategy works in all kinds of markets – my readers and I were doing this in the extremely rough markets of 2018, and the high-octane bull run of 2020. In 2018, I made a total of 68 microcurrency trades. Of those, a full 50 of them were closed out for a profit. That’s almost a 75% win rate. Usually, that profit was at least a double, or close to it. And again, those were trades made in the year where Bitcoin was at a low point after its 2017 high.

And later, who knows? As the arc plays out, these trade-able, in-and-out microcurrencies may move into the “Bitcoin” category of buy-and-hold assets.

My team and I are about to open the books up and invite new Microcurrency Trader members into the fold – keep your eyes on your inbox for your invitation.


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