We’re proud of the expert team we’ve assembled here! Their depth of experience in trading crypto and digital assets is second to none.

Nick Black got his start in the gold business. Like a lot of us, he was skeptical of cryptocurrency at first, so he sold five ounces of the yellow metal and rolled the $8,000 in proceeds into crypto. A year later, that stake was worth $1 million – until the market crashed. But he was hooked, and Nick began researching the true value of cryptocurrencies. When the latest bull run began, he was prepared – and thanks to his research, better positioned than ever. Today, he’s sharing the tips and tricks he’s learned, showing subscribers the best cryptocurrencies to own and the up-and-coming coins to watch for, and giving you the tools to identify new crypto opportunities for yourself.

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Tom Gentile is an experienced trader. He got into cryptocurrencies in the early 2010s when he became intrigued with the idea that anyone with a sufficiently powerful computer could just mine Bitcoin. The days when you could mine sub-$100 Bitcoin with a computer and a spare bedroom are long gone, but Tom is still running ahead of the pack when it comes to digital assets. These days, Tom specializes in “microcurrencies ” – tiny coins that often trade for a few cents or dollars. Most people have never heard of them, but they’ve been created for use in real estate, the tech sector, energy, biotech, health care, financial services – you name it. These small coins enable businesses do financial transactions 1,000 times faster than the outdated technology used today – and cheaper. There’s incredible profit potential in these small coins. They’re Tom’s bread and butter, and he’s showing his readers how to find the best.

Helena Margarido has been a lawyer for more than 15 years in South America. Her original expertise is in startups and new technologies, and since 2012, cryptocurrencies. Helena analyzes the “fundamentals” of a cryptocurrency much like you’d look at earnings per share or return on capital in stocks. She’ll evaluate new crypto projects this way and project how a coin might (or might not) one day go mainstream for long-term gains. Helena’s been writing about the crypto sector for years now and has conducted Blockchain talks in Brazil’s financial epicenter at TEDx SãoPaulo and at TEDxUSP events. She’s given presentations before the National Congress of Brazil and at summits in the United States and China.

Daniel Brody started out in the brokerage industry where he learned finance working at two leading independent brokerages. Armed with this knowledge, he went into business for himself as a serial entrepreneur, building successful companies from the ground up. His developed business chops make him the ideal source for research on the increasing number of “crypto stocks” on offer from companies working in the crypto mining and Blockchain sectors. Daniel is currently the CEO of Elements of Green, a European CBD e-commerce marketplace, TGOD Acquisitions Corp., an investment holding company, and a founder and director of Eat Well Group (EWG), a vertically integrated plant-based foods company on track to generate $100 million in revenue in 2022.