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It’s a kind of ledger containing an unalterable, indelible record of the debits and credits (or transactions) of every user. In many cases, those users can remain completely anonymous or obscure, but the flow of assets is there and transparent for everyone to see. Fraud is virtually impossible, and settlement is instantaneous. Importantly, the blockchain and digital assets in general are available for use by everyone everywhere at anytime with a smartphone or other device and a little cash.

This sounds great just in theory, but it gets much better when you stack it up against the modern global banking system with all of its injustices and inefficiencies.

There are around seven million “unbanked” households in the United States and more than 1.7 billion “unbanked” adults worldwide. The overwhelming majority of these folks live in poverty too. They’re frozen out – banks see no “upside” there. Outside actors like governments can interfere directly in your accounts. Fraud is endemic to banking, and outrageous fees are the order of the day. Its only days or even weeks later when a final settlement is concluded that you’re (relatively) safe.

The difference between the traditional banking system and the blockchain is stark to say the least. We believe the sooner the blockchain replaces banking, the better off we’ll all be. Hundreds of billions of dollars in lost value will be restored to its rightful owners.