Keeping up with the latest artificial intelligence (AI) developments is like trying to read a dictionary while someone keeps adding words. 

It’s almost impossible to absorb one thing before the next big algorithm, model, or disruptive new technology smacks you in the face. Every week there’s a flurry of mind-boggling advancements that will have you as shocked as Grandma when she first learned about Netflix.  

But fear not, dear reader; I am here to guide you along this rollercoaster ride of innovation. I’ll sort through the headlines for you and separate the most important tidbits investors need to see.  

Let’s dive right in with this week’s highlights… 

AI Just Made Spreadsheets a Whole Lot Easier 

For a finance guy, I hate spreadsheets. They’re over-complicated, not user-friendly, and give me a headache.  

That said, I might start using Google Sheets—especially with its latest AI upgrade rolling out soon. The company is testing a new feature that uses AI to expedite and automate time-consuming spreadsheet operations like formulas, organization, and analysis.  

Users can spend less time fiddling with their spreadsheets and more time gaining insight into their data while AI does the heavy lifting.  

Like I said, spreadsheets are a waste of time, and this is a perfect opportunity for Google to leverage AI to empower users to focus on higher-value activities instead of repetitive tasks that dampen the overall experience.  

Plus, with Google having a massive productivity suite used by companies worldwide, they’re reaffirming the importance of AI productivity tools and setting the stage for AI to be part of every workday.   

The AI Analytics Tool Helping Companies Get to Know You Better 

A new AI software called CulturePulse will make the ads you see a lot more effective thanks to your AI clone. 

Seriously… CulturePulse’s AI tech creates a digital “clone” of a particular audience that mirrors their beliefs and values. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, this software offers businesses a personalized understanding of how a target audience might feel about a particular product, service, or campaign. It can eliminate the need for cumbersome and time-consuming market research, allowing companies to make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently. 

If marketers can better predict audience reactions, they can fine-tune messaging to ensure it resonates. CulturePulse is a perfect example of how software drives the AI narrative and can transform how companies operate—not in ten years, not in six months, but right now.  

One thing to note, however—CulturePulse isn’t much of a company and is more like software. Investors should be wary of putting money into a company like CulturePulse, not because it isn’t valuable—but because you can profit more from AI somewhere that offers more than just software (like these four picks instead).  

DeepMind is Working on More Competition for ChatGPT  

DeepMind, one of the top AI research companies, is developing a ChatGPT competitor called Gemini. (Where have I heard that name before?) Their goal, just like every other chatbot that has debuted since ChatGPT a few months back (yes, it’s only been a few months), is to outperform their predecessor.  

The company’s CEO, Demis Hassabis, said Gemini will be more capable than OpenAI’s ChatGPT with enhanced problem-solving capabilities. It’ll be interesting to see how it measures up to ChatGPT when it’s all said and done, considering nobody’s yet beat the “OG.”  

Regardless of how it performs, competition is good for the industry. That’s how innovation occurs, and progress happens with the user in mind.  

Still curious about the AI frontier but don’t know where to start? Check out Garrett Baldwin’s free crash course here.  

Stay liquid,

Nick Black

Digital Asset Strategist, American Institute for Crypto Investors 


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