Everything you learned about artificial intelligence (AI) last week is already outdated.

The same goes for any new AI products that launched last week-already obsolete.

That’s how fast AI is changing-every day, there’s a new rendition that can outperform whatever was launched the day prior.

This week, it’s AutoGPT-a ChatGPT-4-powered application that is capable of generating its ideas and suggestions on its own, all without human prompts. This alone could replace hundreds of jobs.

Because, unlike ChatGPT, AutoGPT can make decisions and take actions based on predefined goals and rules, assigning itself “subtasks” to see a project through to completion.

For example: if you asked ChatGPT-4 to plan a birthday party, it’ll give you a theme, decoration ideas, venue options, catering menus, and a guest list. You’ll have to tell it what to do next.

Whereas, if you asked AutoGPT to plan a birthday party, it could develop a theme, create guest lists, send out invitations, shop for birthday gifts, book a venue, and order catering-all without human oversight.

The key difference is that AutoGPT utilizes AI agents to make decisions and complete tasks based on a predefined goal, akin to a personal assistant who makes appointments and sends emails on your behalf. It’s one of the first real examples of “artificial general intelligence” (AGI)-machines that can think intelligently and learn like humans-that we’ve seen debut in 2023.

If you watch anything today, let it be this seven-minute clip about AutoGPT. I’ll tell you about its capabilities, implications for the workforce, and why it’s so important to invest now before it steals your livelihood later.

Press play and prepare to have your mind blown:

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Stay liquid,

Nick Black
Chief Crypto Strategist, American Institute for Crypto Investors


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