There are a few ways that digital assets could affect your lifespan…

…You could get rich, quit your day job, and enjoy all the relaxation and fancy treatments that money can buy…

…or be dumb, invest your money in Dogecoin (DOGE), and die younger because you got scammed out of your retirement.

But there’s a brand-new way that digital assets are impacting how much time we have on earth, and we’ll all be affected – whether you own cryptocurrency or not.

This new AI asset is going to transform healthcare for good – and I’m not talking about robot doctors.

I’m talking about a database of all human health data to ever exist, and AI that can learn from it to identify new illnesses, treatments, risk-factors…anything a research scientist can do, but with more information to work with.

Let me show you my newest AI pick that could literally save your life…

It’s a project by the SingularityNET team called Rejuve.AI (RJV).

The goal: make humans live longer.

It’s the SingularityNET team’s most ambitious project yet. Using blockchain and machine learning, Rejuve.AI intends to extend the human lifespan by aggregating the data of millions of people around the world on a blockchain and applying innovative AI tools to make new discoveries.

There are millions of medical studies happening all over the world as I write this message. And all of that data, whatever isn’t published, gets stored on a computer somewhere never to be thought of again. But just because that data is irrelevant to one researcher doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant to everyone.

The issue is just making that data accessible. And when you consider exactly how much health data isn’t public, there isn’t any cloud storage in the world that could handle that load.

Blockchain can handle it, though. That’s where the RJV token comes in.

The RJV token will serve as membership and shared value for the network of individuals, clinics, labs, and researchers that could benefit from a wealth of healthcare data that they couldn’t access before.

But making it accessible is one thing, making it useful is another. That’s what makes Rejuve.AI’s machine learning tech so valuable – it can process 100X more information than a human ever could, and use the data stored on the Rejuve.AI blockchain to make groundbreaking discoveries about healthcare in a fraction of the time.

It’s even cooler than a robot doctor. And the best part? You have a chance to invest in it, for free.

You heard me – free. That’ll be the entry cost for new Rejuve.AI investors once this product launches…

…as long as they own SingularityNET (AGIX), first.

That’s right – AGIX token holders will be able to receive free Airdrops of RJV tokens once this product launches. That’s a $0.00 per share investment in what could be the single most revolutionary health-tech advancement of our lifetime.

The RJV Airdrop registration hasn’t opened yet, but once it does, you’ll need to have AGIX stored in your MetaMask account.

Follow these steps to qualify for the RJV Airdrop.

Stay liquid,

Nick Black
Chief Crypto Strategist, American Institute for Crypto Investors


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