Humans know great tech when they see it – and they adopt that tech into their everyday lives at lightning speed.

In less than a lifetime, we went from the tiny Wright Flyer to the 747 jumbo jet and Space Shuttle. In 20 years, the Internet went from a small niche to a fact of life for virtually of the planet’s population. The microwave was a top-secret military technology in the 1940s, and today kids can make mac ‘n cheese in one.

These are just a few examples of a phenomenon called “Hyperadoption.”

And we’re about to see it happen all over again with cryptocurrency. We’ll know it’s here when digital assets become a routine part of our daily lives, like flying or the Internet.

Nowhere is that unfolding faster than in Brazil right now, where more than 40% of citizens already own and cryptocurrencies.

We can look at what’s happening in that huge South American country and get some early signs of what’s waiting around the corner for us in the United States and around the world.

In fact, the signs are so promising, and the economic potential is so immense, that an investor who not long ago called crypto “rat poison, squared” is diving in headfirst with a ten-figure investment.

Let me show you what this is all about…

Brazil’s Government Is Getting Serious About Crypto

There’s a massive effort underway in the country to create a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency. We’re in the early stages of that here in the U.S., too. Where these frameworks exist, crypto – and people – can prosper.

Currently, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies is working on cryptocurrency regulations to secure the country’s crypto market. The body is expected to vote on a final draft in the coming weeks.

The Central Bank of Brazil – the country’s principal monetary authority – is working with legislators to get something passed sooner rather than later.

All of these efforts culminate into one bill currently circulating the legislature that would recognize crypto as a legal form of payment in Brazil.

But that’s not everything that’s happening. Currently, a noted – some might say “notorious” -American crypto-skeptic and crypto-bear has made a move into cryptocurrency hyperadoption in Brazil. With this move, this once anti-crypto investor just might kick adoption into even higher gear.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it, but it’s true…

Don’t Listen to What They Say – Watch What They Do

Warren Buffet – who famously called crypto “rat poison, squared” – has led his legendary Berkshire Hathaway firm into Nu Pagamentos Holdings Ltd (NU).

Better known as Nubank, it’s Brazil’s largest digital bank – and Buffett has a $1 billion stake in it.

This past week, Nubank threw open access to Bitcoin to each one of their 50 million customers, who can now buy, sell, and hold BTC in the crypto section of their Nubank smartphone app.

With a $1 billion position in the biggest crypto bank in a country where two in every five people own crypto, Buffett sure isn’t acting like a crypto-skeptic here.

And when institutions and investing icons like Buffett who call themselves skeptics are buying crypto during one of the worst bear markets we’ve ever seen, that’s when you know you’re in the right place to make money.

So, despite media outlets sounding alarms for “crypto winter,” remember that it’s adoption rates that really make the difference in the long term. And by all accounts, crypto adoption is far outpacing even the Internet.

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before sovereign funds, pension funds – trillions of dollars – pour into digital assets.

Already, more than 63 different industries have adopted crypto currencies on a massive scale.

That’s going to look like peanuts in comparison to what’s coming.

The only thing you need to do now is make a move. AICI Advisory Board member and veteran pattern trader Tom Gentile has identified three cryptos that he thinks could potentially 10X your portfolio in just the next six months…

Learn more here.

Invest safely,

William Johnson
Editor, American Institute for Crypto Investors


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