The language we use to exchange financial information varies widely from country to country, and that creates challenges in an increasingly-connected global economy that relies on technology to send and receive data.

But starting in November 2022, a new ISO standard will solve this problem by creating a common language and model for payments around the world: ISO 20022.

The ISO 20022 protocol is an ISO standard for electronic data interchange between financial institutions DLT (distributive ledger technology) in the payment sector.

Backed by SWIFT and the Federal Reserve, banks from all over the world have already agreed to this global regulatory framework ahead of its rollout later this year. And any third party that wants to be used with the banks must be able to use the ISO 20022 format as we move toward this new quantum financial system.

With the financial community on the same page around the world, there’s no question that ISO 20022 will be a massive catalyst event for investors.

But where does cryptocurrency fit into all this?

As we know, one of the biggest appeals of cryptocurrency is that it’s decentralized, allowing it to operate outside the control of banks and the government.

That means cryptos don’t need to comply with ISO 20022.

But it also doesn’t take away from the fact that ISO 20022 could be a huge boon for the cryptocurrencies that are ISO 20022 compliant.

Only a handful of cryptos fall into this category today – but one stands above the rest as your best bet for benefitting from this coming catalyst…

Our Favorite ISO 20022-Compliant Crypto

As of this writing, the cryptocurrencies that are compliant with the ISO 20022 framework include:

  • Ripple (XRP)
  • XDC Network (XDC)
  • Quant (QNT)
  • Stellar (XLM)
  • Hedera (HBAR)
  • and Algorand (ALGO).

Each of these cryptos was created to help streamline global transactions in some way, shape, or form, which is why they were able to more easily comply with the ISO 20022 standard.

But this list will continue grow as more cryptos that do not want to be left out of the global payment sector move toward ISO 20022 compliance.

And just because they comply with ISO 20022 doesn’t mean they make great investments…

Ripple, for example, has more disadvantages than advantages – and Advisory Board member Helena Margarido recommends steering clear. (Here’s why.)

Hedera is a fascinating penny coin with a lot of promise that you can read all about here, and definitely deserves a spot on your watchlist. (If you’re looking for penny coins that are flashing buys, these picks were hand-selected by our team of experts.)

But the clear winner in this group is Algorand.

For Algorand, being ISO 20022 compliant is the cherry on top of an already great asset.

We believe it’s one of the foundational cryptocurrencies that will be central in shaping the future blockchain-based economy.

You can find out why Algorand is one of Chief Crypto Strategist Nick Black‘s favorite cryptos here. Then, make sure you check out this analysis where we put Algorand to the test against the Five Ts of Crypto Investing.

Take care,

The American Institute for Crypto Investors Research Team


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Kentbourne McFarlane
Kentbourne McFarlane
1 year ago

How does Algorand rate against XLM? Can you rate these five Cryptos against each other? Are you recommending we buy all five?

American Institute for Crypto Investors Research Team
American Institute for Crypto Investors Research Team
1 year ago

That decision is completely up to you. Buy what you can afford to invest but ask yourself this do you want to capitalize off of investing in one of these cryptos or All of them.