Times are always changing. Anybody who isn’t thinking about what the next big change in the world is going to be is running the risk of being left behind. That’s true now. It’s been true for a long time. I’d ask for a moment of silence for all the out-of-work mule drivers, but we don’t have the time to waste.

Instead, I want to talk about the next big change coming up. It’s going to be Artificial Intelligence, and it’s going to change everything. It’s also going to present a massive moneymaking opportunity for us in the field of A.I.-supporting cryptocurrencies. This opportunity could set us up for the post-A.I. economy.

What do I mean by change everything? Well, is it possible for you to describe your job to another person? If so, a machine will be able to do it. Maybe a machine will even be doing it within a decade.

I’m no exception, just watch:

My job is to research and analyze cryptocurrencies so that I can tell you which ones make good investments and which ones don’t.

Soon, we’ll be seeing A.I. that can instantly access all available information on every crypto or stock or other asset out there, compare that information to effective and proven learned criteria, and decide which ones are worth investing in before you can blink.

These things will be able to determine that Dogecoin is worthless at the speed of light.

And just like the carriage drivers, we can’t change it, and we can’t stop it.

If you try to swim against the wave, you’ll get swept downstream. If you move with the wave, you’ll be able to surf it. I even have one project in mind that stands out above the rest…

You Can’t Beat ‘Em, So Join ‘Em

A.I. tech is on its way. It’s evolving at this very moment. Right now, we’re seeing applications that can create images in response to user prompts showing up as a popular novelty, but they’re getting better all the time. It’s getting to the point where A.I. Generated art has actually won a prize at the Colorado state fair, and it’s got people arguing over what should or shouldn’t be considered art.

All those people arguing are missing the main point. This is only going to keep happening to more and more different jobs as time goes on.

Eventually, we will even develop “Artificial General Intelligence,” which will go beyond just being a very smart tool and be able to apply its mental power to any issue at all. It might even be smart enough to be considered “alive” for all intents and purposes.

The best way to deal with an unstoppable trend is to bet on it, instead of trying to oppose it. Sometimes, that can be challenging, since, if everyone sees something coming, the chance to arbitrage it is already gone, and any related assets will have already gone up in price.

With A.I., that isn’t the case yet. There is still room to make money, and crypto is helping us take advantage of this huge opportunity. That’s great news because crypto is the best way to invest in A.I. Sure, technically it’s possible to invest in companies trying to develop A.I. via that stock market, but that’s all just a legal construct.

A.I. cryptos, and the networks they support, actually play a direct role in training the A.I. systems that their projects are creating. The thing you’re owning is an actual piece of the technological system, not just a piece of paper that says you “own” part of the legal entity managing the project.

To illustrate the value of this, I bring up SingularityNET (AGIX), a blockchain-based system that connects different artificial intelligences, and helps them to share information. This is a key function since A.I. technology depends in part on how much information it can access.

Combine that with the fact that Crypto is a brand-new asset class, and is therefore susceptible to rapid scale growth as new adopters flood into the market, and A.I. cryptos are our best bet for the future.

The End of The Game

What future am I talking about? It’s the future where nobody has a job. In this bold new world, the economy will be run entirely by robots. They will know everything there is to know immediately and be able to constantly update themselves to improve performance.

No human will be able to compete with these machines, because they will be able to do everything a human can do, think much faster, know all available information instantly, and not be held back by the limitations of a physical human body.

Let’s imagine a robotic stock trading system. It would be constantly scanning every possible corner of the internet for news from the business world. It would be aware at all times of the price and volume of every stock that it is managing. It would also be instantly aware of any action from the companies themselves that anyone can know about.

If one of those companies announces the failure of a major project, the A.I. could sell the stocks the second the news becomes public.

A human, meanwhile, would waste precious minutes or even seconds opening up their trading app or news source.

I wouldn’t hire me either if that’s the alternative.

So, what will humans do in this new world? Well, I want to believe that it can be a change for the better. Humans could do whatever they wanted, kind of. The robots will be doing all the real work. We’re even going to see humanoid or independent robots who will be able to do vital tasks like drive farm machinery or pour concrete and hammer wooden boards together for houses.

Most people live off of the money that they make at their jobs. If they don’t have jobs, they’ll have to live on money given to them by the robots. It’s literally the only way to avoid having society totally collapse. And with that money, they’ll get a lot of extra free time.

But, there’s a good chance they won’t have much else. If the robots are giving people everything they need to survive, that doesn’t mean people are going to get absolutely everything they would want to buy

Because there’s always a chance that people are going to wind up stuck with whatever wealth and status they had in society before the robots took over. Having a bigger stake in what the robots are producing is the only chance we can set up today of a bigger payout when the dust settles.

We can’t change where the overwhelming currents of the future will carry us, but we can make sure to bring a big enough boat.

A.I. crypto is how we’re building that boat. One of the smartest people out there working in A.I. and crypto, Dr. Ben Goertzel, is the mind behind SingularityNET (AGIX). I see his project as one of the biggest potential avenues for A.I. profits within the crypto asset class in the future.

This crypto is currently worth less than one-tenth of its high in 2021, and nearly one-thirtieth of the price that it originally sold for in 2018. The fundamentals of this crypto project are still strong, though, making this current price a tremendous bargain. I recently had a chance to sit down with Dr. Goertzel, and you can see exactly what he had to say right here.


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