The first humanoid robots have officially joined the workforce.

There’s an entire genre of sci-fi based on what is now our reality.

1X, an OpenAI-backed company, recently deployed two ChatGPT-based AI security guards to two locations in the U.S. and Europe.

While non-humanoid robots have been utilized for security tasks in the past, the newly introduced humanoid robot sets itself apart with its human-like appearance and manipulators that allow it to open doors or pick up objects.

These robots can also be virtually controlled by security personnel in the event of any issues, who will “enter” the robot’s body and control it remotely.

1X’s CEO Bernt Bornich said the company launched security bots first because of their relatively narrow range of tasks. However, the bipedal robots—named EVE–are also being tested in retail stores, logistical centers, and healthcare facilities, including as caregivers for the elderly.

Bornich believes that within five years, his robots can resolve labor shortages for good. Especially considering how every action the security robots perform today contributes to their ability to learn tasks without human intervention later on.

I’ve been saying this for months now: if you can explain to someone else how to do your job, then within the next five to ten years, a robot will do your job instead. 1X is just proving my point.

And while these robots still have more learning to do, deploying the first AI into the workforce is a major milestone, and just a tiny glimpse into our future. Soon, it’ll be our daily reality.

I gave you an exclusive first look at EVE during this morning’s episode of American Institute for Crypto Investors LIVE.

Watch the full replay below:

Skip to 17:00 to learn more about EVE. 

Stay liquid,

Nick Black

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