I’ve got three crypto picks to dish out before the weekend.

Each of these coins is what I call “quality digital assets,” aka cryptocurrencies with real-world use, utility, and potential for widespread adoption.

My investing strategy is simple—buy up quality digital assets at the lowest prices possible, and don’t sell anything until you hit 10X.

Stock investors think I’m crazy, but I’m richer than them. And my Digital Heavyweights track record speaks for itself.

Anyways—today I want to show you three coins that I’m considering adding to my portfolio over the weekend while their prices are trading at major discounts.

The first coin is Cardano (ADA), my favorite Layer-1 asset that I’d expect has at least 5X potential at its current price point of $0.37.

The second coin is Cosmos (ATOM), another Layer-1 coin that is currently offering 20% staking rewards.

As for the third coin…

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Watch my Market Review from June 1 to hear my full list of crypto picks for the weekend.

Press play to get started:

Stay liquid,

Chief Crypto Strategist, American Institute for Crypto Investors


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