It’s not a stretch to say I’m on fire for crypto in a way only a truly converted former skeptic could be.

It’s true – I was not always the Baron of Bitcoin (BTC)… the Demigod of Digital Assets… the Lord of the Lightning Network… that you know and love today.

Not all that long ago, I was pretty suspicious of an asset you couldn’t actually put your hands on, but somehow had value. I was more of a gold guy, really.

When it came to Bitcoin, I was skeptical, but I was also pretty curious, too. So, I liquidated just a little of my gold stash and bought some Bitcoin.

Along the way, I wrestled with a lot of (unfortunately) all-too-common myths and misconceptions about Bitcoin and crypto in general. The more I read – and the more I saw my account balance rocket – the more I became convinced I’d made the right call by taking a Bitcoin position. The $1 million-plus balance I ended up with was the ultimate confirmation.

There’s still an incredible amount of Bitcoin mis- and disinformation out there, and that it’s coming at us during a “crypto winter” just makes it all the more destructive.

Today I’m going to explode the myths… the BS… the flat-out wrong myths that are flying around currently. I had to hustle and search high and low to get the real answers – for you, it’s all right here.

And, by all means, share this with someone you think could use it


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