Step One:

If you haven’t created a MetaMask account, then follow these steps using our free guide here.

Step Two:

Go into your MetaMask account, either in your web browser or mobile app. For this example, we will use the web browser. If you have MetaMask downloaded, then you will see the small fox icon in the top right corner of your browser. Click that.

Step Three:

Log in to MetaMask and you will see this page. Click the “Swap” button. You will need to use an existing cryptocurrency supported by MetaMask like BTC or ETH that you will swap into AGIX.

Step Four:

Once you click “Swap,” you’ll see the page below that asks which cryptocurrency you want to swap into AGIX.

Type “AGIX” into the “Swap to” search bar, and select it when it appears.

Once you have entered all the necessary information in for your swap, click the “Review Swap” option at the bottom of the MetaMask window.

Step Five:

After you click “Review Swap,” you will see a summary of your swap appear that includes the total amount of AGIX you will receive plus the gas fee.

If the gas fee is higher than usual, you can wait until it decreases to make your purchase, but you risk the price of AGIX increasing.

Gas fees fluctuate heavily depending on the time of day and the transaction. View this chart to see when gas prices are lowest.

Step Six

Click “Swap” to confirm the transaction. Once the order goes through, you will see “Swap Complete” and have officially purchased AGIX.


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10 months ago

I just made this swap for AGIX.

American Institute for Crypto Investors Research Team
American Institute for Crypto Investors Research Team
9 months ago
Reply to  Zulu