Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is going to change everything, and crypto is the key to surfing this wave – as opposed to being washed away by it. It’s a simple idea, but what am I really talking about? A.I. and blockchain are both incredible technological breakthroughs, and they both exist in the digital space. A digital ledger and a digital mind.

But I want to emphasize what really connects these two technologies. They might look like separate concepts, other than the fact that they both run on computers (just like everything else these days).

But crypto is key to the development of artificial intelligence because of what A.I. needs to reach its full potential: Information. Reams of it, and ultimately, even all of it.

Information is what A.I. uses to learn, develop its conditions, and get smarter, better, and faster at doing its particular job. When we finally achieve “artificial general intelligence” or A.G.I. – that is, A.I. that can perform any task, not just the one it was designed for – access to information is going to make that possible as well.

That need for information is where crypto comes in. A.I.-supporting cryptos offer us something we could never get by, say, just buying stock in a company working in A.I. tech. The cryptos offer us direct control over the networks and services that actually facilitate A.I. development.

Yes, I know, owning stock means you “own” the company, but let’s get real – you’d need to own thousands, or, more likely, tens of millions of shares just to get a shot at moving the needle.

Network- and service control is much more concrete, and ultimately much more lucrative, than the arbitrarily enforced “ownership” that buying a stock would grant. I expect the leading A.I.s in crypto to be the foundation of not only a new technology but a new fortune…

Building a Truly Decentralized A.I.

The crypto project that most embodies the potential I see in A.I. cryptos is one of my personal favorites, SingularityNET, created by A.I. genius Dr. Ben Goertzel. This is a guy so smart he got his Ph.D. at age 23. He played a big role in even giving us the term “Artificial General Intelligence.”

And his own crypto project is aspiring to serve as the launch pad for an entire new A.I.-driven economy. The basic idea is a blockchain network that acts as a marketplace for A.I. technological services. A.I. algorithm developers and service providers can make their offerings available through the SingularityNET network, and customers can search and choose between them.

The idea is that the decentralized platform will promote free exchange of information as well as competition, letting the technology grow freely. The AGIX crypto is used as the medium of exchange – the currency – on this network.

In other words, the crypto translates directly into paying for A.I. services. Since there’s basically no chance that A.I. services won’t be valuable, combined with the visionary project leader, it’s no wonder this crypto has strong fundamentals.

They’re going to get even stronger as planned expansions allow the network to also be used for training custom A.I. models for more effective and tailored performance.

High Profits Along the “A.I. Highway”

The area of A.I. technology I expect to have the first, and, for the moment, the biggest impact on the average person’s everyday life is the A.I. that will inhabit the automotive sector.

You might be thinking about self-driving cars – and, hey, you’d be right – but there are so many other ways in which A.I. can help boost the $2.8 trillion global automotive sector. Bosch, a German auto consortium, and the Catena-X network, which includes Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and BMW, have partnered with another of my favorite crypto projects.

It’s partnerships like this I expect to see bringing A.I. technology right into the hands of consumers and leading the way into the A.I.-based economy of the future.

It’s that reality, and the vast potential for growth and adoption, that gives our crypto investments their strength and extreme upside potential.


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