On American Institute for Crypto InvestorsĀ LIVE, I share my own personal ‘watchlist’ of cryptocurrencies that are relatively new or unknown but could have massive moneymaking potential.

I don’t want you to invest in a crypto just because I say so – you need to do your own homework and make those decisions yourself.

I do, however, want you to be able to get in on the ground floor before a crypto blows up without losing big if things don’t pan out.

So today, I’m going to show you how you can start evaluating new opportunities for yourself using a new crypto that recently popped up on my radar as an example: Alchemy Pay (ACH).

Not only will I show you why I’m bullish on ACH but I’ll share a strategic plan to get in at the start of what could be a good crypto without taking a big risk…


If you missed any of that, don’t worry. My team put together instructions on how you can play it smart with Alchemy below…

How to Play It Smart with Alchemy (ACH)

The first step is to buy ACH on Coinbase Pro and set a limit sell for 25% higher than you bought it for. For example, if you bought $100 worth of ACH, you’ll sell when your balance is $125, or if you bought your coins at .05 cents, then set a limit sell for .0625 cents.

Now, when you are making your limit sell, for 25% higher than what you bought ACH for, make sure to make the amount you are selling 75% instead of the usual ‘max’. By doing this, you’ll still have an investment in ACH while getting your original investment back.

If your limit order hasn’t been filled after a week, then sell the original amount of ACH that you bought but not the amount you gained.

With this tactic, you’ll still have a horse in the race if ACH takes off in the future, while still allowing you to keep your initial investment.

Pretty smart, right?

Remember that for any new coin, you have my 5Ts to refer back to, which will help you decide for yourself whether it’s worth your hard-earned money.

You can access that guide here.

Take care,

Nick Black
Chief Crypto Strategist, American Institute for Crypto Investors


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