What can you say about Elon Musk. I don’t think much of his crypto savvy – his weird passion for Dogecoin (DOGE) is like a bad joke or something. Being a crypto fan doesn’t make you a crypto expert.

And, believe it or not, I don’t think he’s that much of a businessman. His first company, Zip2, ousted him, and so did PayPal. Tesla’s cool, sure, now that it’s making money. It’s the biggest electric vehicle maker in the world, but I can’t see that Musk’s done anything to make it stay the no. 1 EV maker. As soon as Toyota or Volkswagen or GM figure it out and ramp it up, they’ll be the top three. And of course the profitability and cash flow of SpaceX are nothing to write home about.

And of course saying you’re going to buy Twitter and backing out because you goofed on the price-per-share speaks for itself.

But, with all that said, the markets hang on his every word and Tweet. He’s the de facto face of the tech industry, and if he wants the spotlight, he’s got it no question.

He’s a lot like the weather, actually – he can have an impact on the day-to-day, and predicting him can be tricky.

For all the faults I can see, though, acting like he doesn’t matter is a mistake.

Because it’s his ideas, not his business acumen or crypto savvy, that are worth paying attention to. He’s the quintessential “idea man,” and he has the engineering chops to turn things from exotic technological concepts into concrete reality.

Quite a few of his ideas are going to change the world.

Today, in fact, he’s going to advance probably one of the biggest, most lucrative ideas in human history. I’m paying attention, and I think you should be, too…

Elon Musk’s Ideas Are What Really Matter

Take PayPal, for instance – the company Musk was ousted from back in 2000. His big, successful idea at PayPal was, and continues to be, applying high technology to consumer finance. It was like an earthquake that changed the face of retail, banking – name it.

His big idea for Tesla was that electric cars were absolutely necessary to reduce reliance on dirty fossil fuels, and his even bigger idea was that they should be really cool-looking, fast as hell, and capable of driving for more than 45 minutes before needing a charge.

The animating force behind SpaceX is the idea that, sooner or later, Earth will become inhospitable to life, and that the sooner people get on Plan B, the better. Much more important in the short- and medium-term would be going out into the Solar System to bag up the insane amount of resource riches “out there.”

Get Ready for Musk’s Latest and Greatest

Perhaps the most powerful idea Musk has yet to fully execute on is “Optimus,” and he’ll be giving us a sneak peak today at his “AI Day” event.

Optimus, or “Tesla Bot,” is essentially a domestic robot – that much isn’t all that groundbreaking. But ticking away inside Optimus will be an advanced artificial specialized intelligence (ASI) – like if Siri had a body – that’ll be capable of executing all kinds of novel tasks the same way a human can, only faster and stronger.

This kind of AI is a multitrillion-dollar idea, according to PwC. It’ll likely add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, while it boosts the GDPs of adopters by 26%.

Big as that is, ASI isn’t the really big idea here. That comes during a future Optimus upgrade cycle. Musk and his team plan to make Optimus the perfect vessel for a powerful new artificial general intelligence (AGI). This kind of AI is like the Holy Grail for computer scientists – a thinking, growing artificial intelligence that learns and grows in the same way as human beings, but much more quickly and capably.

We’ve talked about the ways blockchain networks are going to facilitate the birth and rapid adoption of AGI via machine learnings. This is going to boost demand for AI cryptocurrencies so much that I’ve already doubled my exposure.

And with Elon Musk aiming to put thinking machines into every home in America, my own big idea – to own as many quality AI tokens as I possibly can – looks might smart, too. You can learn how to get a look at my full, top-to-bottom AI crypto strategy and all my updates right here.


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