Despite all the noise emanating from Davos, Switzerland, and the World Economic Forum, we’ve heard some extremely interesting announcements. It’s actually a pretty powerful statement… but maybe not the statement the people who’ve made it probably intended.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, has announced his company is working on bringing artificial intelligence (A.I.) tools to customers. Specifically, he referred to tools from companies like OpenAI, which notably created Dall-E, an AI “artist,” or let’s call it an image-creating program.

Way back in 2022, Dall-E was a novelty. It was something that people would use to create joke images of popular characters or contemporary figures in funny, ironic, surreal, bizarre situations. They would come out blurry and smudged-looking, but that was good enough for the joke.

Now, a more advanced version of that program is already being singled out for commercial use. The program was only released in its first iteration in 2021 and didn’t even gain much cultural attention until 2022. It’s barely 2023 yet. That’s how fast A.I. tech is coming along.

That’s the kind of speed we need to deal with if we’re going to take advantage of the new trend.

AI Is Kicking Off the Future Right Now

It took about two years to go from wonky approximations of (toddler-aged) human-crafted images to something sharp and good enough to be used in a commercial context. These automated systems are learning quickly. There’s no time to lose as we prepare for the world that they are going to create.

But there’s another point being demonstrated at Davos. And that’s that A.I. tools like Dall-E are already old news.

I don’t mean that they’re too old to use. Any industrial and commercial applications they have are just starting to be discovered. No, what’s old news is the concept and the technological theory behind them.

This technology is evolving at a blistering speed, and our world and society are going to evolve with it. By the time this stuff is actually being widely used in commercial contexts, it will be too late for us to act, let alone cash in.

What we’re looking to do isn’t automate work at a graphic design firm. We’re looking to capture the last great investment opportunity for the human race, to secure for ourselves the wealth to ensure the best possible life and broadest possible opportunities in the future.

The Biggest Ground-Floor Opportunity in History

That’s why I focus wealth-generating efforts on cryptocurrency and digital assets. It’s a brand-new asset class that supports the most technologically innovative efforts. I focus on A.I. platforms like SingularityNET because they allow you to actually own the infrastructure being used to develop new AI platforms.

You won’t just own some pocket change based on a legal abstraction of ownership of legacy business working to stay relevant. You’ll own and digitally control a part of the infrastructure that is making world-changing new technology happen.

At this early stage, the upside is all ahead; the real profit has yet to be realized, and it’s easier to claim a bigger slice of the pie. That’s hugely important since we probably have less than 10 years before trading and investing as we know it is no longer possible for human beings.

The Microsoft announcement at Davos is telling us that this is not science fiction, and it’s not some Nostradamus-level crystal-ball gazing hot-take prediction.

This is real. It’s already happening, and it’s only going to gather momentum

Luckily, we’re still here early enough. We have a solid digital-asset strategy based on clear fundamental factors. We can make this situation work to our advantage as long as we keep a clear head and remain disciplined.


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