I love competition because it gets rid of the useless trash in the crypto space. That trash needs to go, otherwise people will think crypto itself is useless trash.

When it comes to wheat standing out from the chaff, one of my favorites is always Cardano, the smart-contract crypto designed by a former founding member of the Ethereum team, Charles Hoskinson. This guy is hell bent on pushing beyond the limits of the original smart contract blockchain that he helped create.

Right off the bat, I like to see that the Cardano team is thinking ahead. Right from the start, they had a whole five-stage development process planned out. The blockchain and currency have been around for years, but it’s about halfway from moving to basic operation to a fully operational self-governing smart contract platform.

The next step towards crushing the competition is the Vasil update…

Once Vasil is live, it’s going to mean more efficient smart contracts for all users. That means faster and cheaper specifically. That’s huge because when people are going to be choosing what smart contract platform to use, they’re going to be asking themselves “how long is this going to take” and “how much is this going to cost me.” If they don’t like the answer they get, that’s a dead blockchain right there.

The Next Leading Protocol

If Cardano is going to become a #1 choice protocol, this is exactly the kind of technical edge it’s going to need. The web is transforming, in twenty years, we could all be using blockchain smart contracts for everything. Some of the top ten protocols to run everything when that time comes could already be out there.

Whichever platform can deliver results to the users with as few drawbacks and annoyances as possible, that’s what’s going to win. Cardano has a strong shot precisely because of how conscientious its developers are being about the whole process.

It’s the most painstakingly developed cryptocurrency in the world. Just ask Santiment and Github. Sure, there may be some metrics, like raw development activity, where another coin like Ethereum is ahead, but if you look at code output to Github, Cardano is the clear leader. All of the delays to Vasil’s implementation to fix bugs are a sign of just how much these developers care about getting it right, not how little. Let them take longer if they think they need it. As long as it takes to get it right.

That’s especially worth remembering if we’re going to be comparing Cardano to the empty ball of hype of the smart contract world, Solana. Cardano can beat out Solana just by virtue of the fact that its network is even functional at all. The hardworking devs make that happen. I would not have been shocked to see the morons behind Solana push the update out unfinished and then take the network down again to walk it back.


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