When it comes to investing and trading, no option is 100% “safe.” You either risk your money in the market… or stay on the sidelines and risk having it wiped out by inflation. And now, with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) right around the corner, you also risk just not making enough of a profit to be secure when most of today’s jobs are no longer done by humans.

So, putting your money on A.I. isn’t just a good idea, in my view, it’s practically a necessity. The good news is, we still have time to do just that. But it’s also important that we be careful with our approach to making money.

Case in point – AI stocks are heating up, regardless of how much or how little they have to do with AI (Remember when Long Island Iced Tea Corp. stock went ballistic because they put “Blockchain” in their name? Yeah.). Now, AI stocks that are actually exposed to AI can be great, but they can never take the place of quality AI tokens.

They’re the best way to maximize your profit potential without wasting time on “watered-down” assets, and here’s why…

Crypto Has This Huge Advantage Over Stocks

We hear about stocks all the time, but are they, really? A stock is a legal fiction. It’s a piece of paper or, let’s get real, computer data that “says” that you “own” a piece of a company. And ownership equals control, right? Right? But what does that control get you? If you’re the average retail investor, you can hope for a dividend, that management pays you a small percentage for owning the stock and capitalizing them. You can hope the stock goes up in value, or that management doesn’t turn around and bite you by diluting your shares. And if you’re really lucky, maybe management will buy some of your stock back from you.

Stock-holders might theoretically “own” a small piece of the company, but they’re last in line, holding the bag when it comes to settling debts for the whole company in the case of bankruptcy.

How much do you really own if the whole thing can just vanish and leave you with no recourse?

So, the only two reliable benefits from owning stocks are dividends and growth – and if you’ve got a decent AI stock, you’re in line. But when you buy an A.I. token, you are buying a vital component of the platform that allows the A.I. projects to work. On a mechanical level, the platform cannot work without what you have. That’s something traditional equities just can’t provide.

Here’s Another Thing Stocks Can’t Do for You

Imagine if Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) had to actually use MSFT shares as a part of the process of developing and publishing new software. That would give the equities some more serious value. It would make them strictly necessary and therefore more valuable.

In crypto, we don’t have to imagine this. It’s already the reality. These coins are distributed by companies that have already had their basic setup funding. All the shenanigans and pitfalls of starting up a company are in the rearview mirror. What you are buying is a stake in future activity, not the past.

And not only that, A.I. cryptos let you buy a stake in lean and focused projects, cutting right past the chaff and only putting your capital into only those projects with the best chance at a large-scale 10X or better payoff.

If you wanted to invest directly in ChatGPT, you’d have to buy stock in Microsoft, and the performance of that stock isn’t just tied to ChatGPT, but every other project and legacy service, good or bad, performing or not, in Microsoft’s entire cross-divisional lineup.

In plain English, your gains will be profoundly watered down.

With the automated workforce right around the corner, we just can’t afford to be wasting time on lukewarm assets. A.I. crypto is going to seriously outrun their equity cousins. So put your focus (and your capital) on the route that’s going to really make a difference for us.


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