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Why Is the U.S. Military Investing in This Fast-Growing Tech? And How Will It Affect Your Retirement Plan?

Blockchain technology is drastically changing the way we transact and share information…

U.S. Army engineers are using this technology for its superior data-management capability.

But here’s the crazy part…

This same technology might be the savior of many Americans’ 401(k)s and retirement plans.

Whether or not you’ve heard of “blockchain” doesn’t matter. You don’t have to understand how it works…

Most early investors in Apple didn’t understand how the tech inside the iPhone worked… but they still got rich.

Now, many Americans have an even bigger opportunity to create generational wealth – or simply retire earlier than planned.

Even Wall Street’s most conservative investors like Bill Miller and Anthony Scaramucci are going “all in” with their investments on this new tech…

And 401(k) brokers like Fidelity are adding this asset to their portfolios… and many think it will be the “savior” of many Americans’ 401(k)s.

Not only that – our analysis is predicting that blockchain technologies could see 33,000% gains by 2034.

Scaramucci has been making headlines all over the news…

In this jaw-dropping interview, Scaramucci reveals how average Americans can make life-changing money from one small investment.

In the interview, Scaramucci and two other prominent investors explain how blockchain technology could see…

  • 50X growth by 2026
  • 500X growth by 2028
  • 30,000X growth by 2034

I grew up old school, trained in value investing,” Scaramucci says. “I missed some of the tech boom like Google and Amazon. I didn’t want to miss the next wave.” [Watch interview here.]

He’s not the only one making these claims. Experts from Yale and MIT are saying the same thing as Scaramucci.

Take a small piece of your portfolio and put it in.”

The timing couldn’t be better… which is why Scaramucci is all over the news, shouting for people to buy before it’s too late.

[Watch Here] Wall Street’s Most Conservative Investor Urges Americans to Invest Before It’s Too Late