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Bombshell Annoucement: New Asset Could Save Your 401(K) From Collapsing During Recession

The largest financial services company in the world with $2.7 trillion under management has made a bombshell annoucment…

One that could save millions of American’s from seeing their 401(k)’s getting wiped out by recent market plunges.

With the S&P 500  down by over 23% so far this year… and the Nasdaq down 32%… people are seeing their retirement savings get flushed down the toilet in a blink of an eye.

But now thanks to this new asset being allowed through their 401 (k)s … they’ll  have a chance to recover their lost money.  And they could even make higher returns over the next several years.

According to Wall Street icon and former VP of Goldman Sachs, Anthony Scaramucci, this asset could see 46X gains in the next 10 years

Not only that – this same asset is predicted to see over 5,000% gains in the next ten years.

Such exponential growth potential is one of the reasons Fidelity is going forward with this plan to add this asset to their 401(k) as soon as possible.  Fidelity has over 20 million 401 (k) clients. Vanguard and T.Rowe price could soon follow.

Could this new asset class save your 401K as markets tumble?  Take a look at this short video and see if this new asset option is available to you. If it is, potentially you could begin investing right away.

Some of America’s leading money managers like Bill Miller from Legg Mason fame, Stanley Drunkenmiller, from Duquense Capital Management and  Rick Rider from Blackrock… they are all supporting this investment.  

To see the details of this new asset… and to decide whether or not you want it in your 401(k) or retirement plan…please watch this important video right away.