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Soon After Crypto Is Pronounced DEAD...More Millionaires Are Born

Crypto’s obituary has been written at least a dozen times.

And every time, the media and so called “experts” have been, well… dead wrong.

In fact, take a look at this…

As you can see, every time Bitcoin was pronounced dead… it soared even higher.

The first big cycle Bitcoin went all the way to $1,151 making early investors millionaires.

The second big cycle went to nearly $20,000, creating even more millionaires. 

And the last big cycle, went all the way to more than $67,000 creating boatloads of more millionaires. 

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All told 100,000 American’s became millionaires AFTER the so-called experts called crypto dead.

Folks, haven’t we seen this movie before?

Yes, it’s exactly what happened with the internet in the late 1990s.  

Can you imagine how many people DIDN’T get rich from Google, Oracle, and Amazon because they believed the internet was a fad?

You see, just like the stock market, crypto runs in bull and bear cycles.

That’s how all markets work… and with a young market like cryptocurrency, it’s even more pronounced. 

In fact, if history holds true, like we believe it will, getting in now will make for some happy campers when the cycle turns again.   

How happy?

Well, according to our analysis of new pricing data from Fidelity, the next big move up could take Bitcoin to $150,000 or higher in 2022.  $1 million this decade. AND $999 MILLION BY 2035!

But for some smaller cryptos – the ones projected to truly revolutionize the next phase of the crypto market – the gains could be exponentially bigger

Because these coins are currently trading for mostly under $1. 


According to most crypto experts, now is the absolute best time to buy crypto.

Take Wall Street heavy hitter Anthony Scaramucci, a former Goldman Sachs executive and now the CEO of Skybridge Capital with over $5 billion in assets.

“The truth is too many American’s make the mistake of buying crypto when it’s already soared high,” Scaramucci said. “You want to buy it RIGHT NOW when it’s low – and ride it all the way up. That’s the tried and true formula for becoming a crypto millionaire.”

In fact, Scaramucci, who has a $1.5 billion stake in crypto, says he recommends three crypto’s everyone should get into right now.

All three are trading for pennies on the dollar. Two of the coins are less than a buck. So the prices have never been better. And according to all his research – the upside on these coins is exponential.

Scaramucci gives you details in the riveting interview below.