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On Sunday, August 21, at 8 p.m., Nick Black is revealing a brand-new way to make money using the crypto market…

Instant Crypto Cash Event


Matt Gallant

Dear Trader,

Matt Gallant here with an important invitation.

Sunday night – August 21 – at 8 p.m. promises to be one of the most important events you’ll ever attend. The reason is simple…

You will discover the opportunity to make massive amounts of money from a trade hardly anyone knows how to make.

It’s unconventional, 100% legal, and all you’re doing is leveraging the sometimes-crazy enthusiasm that people have for trading crypto.

It’s a way to have them pay YOU for a trade – and there’s never been anything like this.

In fact, Nick Black just helped his readers collect a massive payout in less than 48 hours using this rare technique.

The good news is that the same trade can be done day in and day out.

We’re getting started Sunday night.

And because you’re a member of our inner circle, I’d like to invite you to join us.


Please know: This event is not open to the public. And we need to be sure you’re committed to attend.

 (At the moment, this event is free – but seats are highly limited. So if you can’t make it, get back to us right away. We have a waitlist of people begging to get in here.)

So why do you need to be in attendance on Sunday?

  • Nick Black is going to reveal a highly unusual alternative investment that allows you to get paid by crypto traders – in the form of instant cash.
  • It’s not stocks or stock options – again, this is an alternative approach. 
  • Using this unusual trade, avid crypto traders actually pay you. (And by the way, they’ll never know you’re doing it – it’s a great way to skim them for profits if you like.)
  • Signing up today gets you a 100% free seat at this event. Others will have to pay for this information later. 
  • You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to make this trade. For beginners, the most you’d ever have to put down is $240.
  • Nick Black says the profit potential of this trade is as high as anything he’s ever seen.
  • Missing out on this could cost you a bundle instantly. (Remember – this is instant cash directly in your account the moment you make the trade.)
  • Nick’s track record on this trade is 100% – it’s hard to lose when you get instant cash immediately… cash that you never have to pay back.


You don’t have to like crypto. If you do, great. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter!

Using this trade, the crypto market pays you.

This approach allows you to take advantage of the current market and take advantage of sometimes-crazy crypto conditions (good, bad, or ugly).

And here’s the kicker…

It doesn’t matter whether Bitcoin and Ethereum are going up or down… millions of people are going to trade them (especially with the upcoming Ethereum merge). And we can skim them.

You can’t afford to miss this.

A few weeks ago, Nick helped his readers generate a massive payout in less than 48 hours by making a brand-new type of trade on Bitcoin.

And he plans on doing this over and over again in the weeks and months to come.

We’re talking about large, instant payouts.


Nick Black

On August 21 at 8 p.m. (ET)...

Nick is doing a LIVE trading session…

You’ll be able to follow along every step of the way as you see how to pull off this trade. 

Nick will walk us through every step. It’s instant cash. You’ll see how much you can put in your pocket immediately.

And once you make the trade, the money is yours to spend however you wish.

You’ll be able to ask questions as you go… and of course, because you’re attending the event, you’ll also get a written recap of the entire thing for your review and perusal.

That alone is priceless.

Once you confirm, we’re allowing you to send this to one close friend or family member (but that limit is strictly enforced).

The Agenda:

  • How much money you need to do these unusual trades
  • How much weekly income could you collect
  • Everything you need to know before you make your first real trade
  • How to use Nick’s favorite platform
  • How to generate huge gains week in and week out

Nick Black has grown his total crypto portfolio by over 6,230% since 2016.

He’s one of the top insiders in this business.

That’s why the trade he’s talking about is known by almost nobody – unless you’re a deep insider.

Because we have you on file as a special Money Morning member, you get to see this for free. 

But it’s closed to the general public. Because not everyone can get in on this, we don’t want it out in the open.

We look forward to seeing you – this could be one of the most lucrative events you see this entire year. 

P.S. If it turns out you can’t make it, please give us 24 hours advance notice.