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"I'm All-In on Crypto," Says One of Wall Street's Most Conservative Investors

Scaramucci is a conservative investor, and not long ago, he was one of crypto’s biggest skeptics…

What changed his mind?

After being introduced to Bitcoin by the Winklevoss twins, Scaramucci realized blockchain and cryptocurrencies were about to change everything when it came to business, banking, and trading.

I grew up old school, trained in value investing,” Scaramucci says. “I missed some of the tech boom like Google and Amazon. I didn’t want to miss the next wave.” [Watch interview here.]

So Scaramucci put $270 million into Bitcoin when it was only $9,000… now, his crypto fund is now worth $1.5 billion.

Scaramucci is taking his gains and shifting focus from Bitcoin to altcoins and microcurrencies.

He believes a handful of small crypto coins will see larger and faster gains than Bitcoin ever will…

Coins like Ethereum, which has peaked at 631,000% returns for those who bought it in 2015.

These “altcoins” start out small and unnoticed…

But just 75 cents invested into Ethereum in 2015 could have turned into over $4,000.

That’s why Scaramucci and his team dug into the research and found the next big altcoin…

It could see more explosive gains than Ethereum – and faster.

And if you don’t believe him, check out this video going around…

Scaramucci is saying, “I’m all-in on crypto,” and investing billions into the next big projects.

In his most recent interview, Scaramucci said he’s buying three different cryptocurrencies… and expecting bigger gains than Bitcoin.

[Full Interview] Wall Street’s Most Conservative Investor Reveals 3 Coins He’s Adding to His $1.5 Billion Crypto Fund