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Ethereum Jumps 50%

Ethereum 2.0 - also known as "the Merge" - is scheduled for mid-September.
Three coins on the same platform could soar even higher.

How to Play Ethereum's Merge

The crypto market cap has regained $1 trillion ahead of Ethereum’s Merge; the landmark crypto event is scheduled to take place mid-September.

And it’s likely to have a cascading impact on the entire industry…

Specifically, a series of tiny $1 cryptos.

A team of analysts have uncovered three specific coins that work on the same platform as Ethereum.

And as soon as Ethereum makes its announcement, these smaller cryptos could climb 10X higher as a reply.

Large Firms Will Trigger a Buying Frenzy

Big companies ranging from Block and Tesla to Coinbase are purchasing billions in cryptocurrency.

But if you think they’re betting the farm on large tenders like Bitcoin and Ethereum – you could be wrong.

The reality?

Institutional investors are buying up all the crypto they can get their hands on.

Before they control the entirety of the smaller, cheaper crypto market – take advantage of these $1 price tags today.