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Crypto Is Dead (the dumbest prediction in history)

Back in the late 1990s the mainstream media called the internet “dead.”  

It was the dumbest prediction in history… until now.

Because the same geniuses (The New York Times, Paul Krugman, even the Wall Street Journal) who said the internet was dead… are now ringing death bells for crypto.

Well, in this video, a former Goldman Sachs executive calls out the naysayers – showing them exactly how and why these “crypto death” predictions are completely 100% off the mark.

In fact, he has new pricing data from Fidelity that analysis proves the exact opposite – a huge run up coming.

He recommends getting into three very cheap, very undervalued coins asap (trading for pennies on the dollar) right now before the surge. 

If you get in now while they’re cheap, it’ll give you a shot at potential 100X gains in the next few years.

“While the media makes fools of themselves… A whole lot of savvy investors are going to get very rich and have the last laugh.”

Go here to see his recommendations.