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Buying This Asset Is a Recession "Escape Pod"

You’d be better off playing slot machines in Las Vegas than holding stocks right now.

Cash is losing value due to inflation…

And the housing market could collapse any day now.

Is there anywhere safe to put your money right now?

It’s likely that the economic recession is just getting started, and we could see the worst of it in 2023…

That’s why Anthony Scaramucci, one of Wall Street’s most conservative investors, is making headlines right now…

He’s all over the news and shouting for Americans to jump on this recession “escape pod” before it’s too late.

In this delightfully shocking interview, Scaramucci reveals the best place to park your money right now.

Scaramucci isn’t the only conservative investor who feels this way…

  • Legendary investor Bill Miller is putting 50% of his net worth into this same asset.
  • Big banks like JPMorgan, Goldman, and Wells Fargo are investing in this asset.
  • Fidelity is offering this asset in their 401(k) plans.
  • Experts from Yale and MIT are saying everyone should have at least 5% of their portfolio in this asset.

Whether you invest $50 or $50,000, you’re going to want a piece of the pie. Many will regret not buying sooner.

Watch this interview before you miss out.