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BREAKING: Crypto Millionaires Scooping Up These $1 Coins

With crypto markets falling recently, some of America’s biggest investors are treating this as greatest buying opportunity in history.

Betting on these coins soaring to new highs this fall… they’re scooping up highly undervalued cryptocurrencies -for the lowest prices in years- many for $1 or less.

It’s like the greatest “fire sale” in crypto history.

Take former Goldman Sachs executive and Wall Street icon Anthony Scaramucci.

A highly conservative investor- and a prodigy of Warren Buffett’s style of value investing – Scaramucci was once a huge crypto skeptic.

But now he’s all in – with a whopping stake of $1.5 billion.

It’s one of the largest crypto stakes in the world. And even though the crypto markets are currently down, he’s not selling a dime. In fact, he’s loading up!

It’s not just blind intiution. There’s a lot of data behind the $1.5 billion investment.

In fact, analysis of new pricing data from Fidelty, the largest financial services company in the world, shows exponential gains coming for crypto beginning later this year… and exceeding previous all-time highs.

Scaramucci told us: “I’m NOT going to miss this next big wave.”

In fact, Scaramucci is now shifting his focus from Bitcoin to specialized altcoins and microcurrencies. These are the tiny coins – currently priced at $1 or less – that help industries conduct business with smart contract techology.

Smart contracts are changing business at lightening speed.

Companies like Exxon, Shell, Mercedes Benz, Rio Tinto… even FedEx and Microsoft… they’re all now heavily investing in smart contracts with these tiny cryptos. You even have 61% of U.S. defense contractors using smart contracts now…

The reason is they cut out expensive suppliers, saving industries billions of dollars.

These smart contract crypto’s start out small and go mostly unnoticed…

For example, Ethereum was going for only 75 cents in 2015. Then it shot up 631,000% at its peak. A $100 investment could have turned into over $631,000… a $500 investment would have turned into $3.15 million!

Our research shows these kinds of breakouts are about to happen all over again.

In fact, Scaramucci and his team have pinpointed exactly three coins that could go even higher than Ethereum. Giving investors a chance to turn a small investment of $100 into millions of dollars within five years….

Scaramucci and his team have released a short video giving full details of these three crypto’s. The team believes all three have the potential to 10X your profits this year.

Just watch now to learn more.