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Bilion-Dollar Wall Street Icon Is Loading Up For The Coming Crypto Explosion

Imagine buying Ethereum for just 75 cents back in 2015… then watching it soar to $4,812 in November 2021.

It would have turned $200 into $1 million in just six years.

Most people in the financial world are kicking themselves for not seeing the opportunity…

But not Anthony Scaramucci, founder, and CEO, of SkyBridge Capital.

Scaramucci has been one of the most successful investors on Wall Street for the last 30 years. He was vice president for the Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management Division… and he was named one of the top 100 people in global finance by Worth magazine.

What surprises people the most of all his accomplishments is… at SkyBridge, he oversees over $5.7 billion of assets and is dedicated to helping everyday people – not just the rich or entitled.

In 2020, Anthony Scaramucci – the once-“anticrypto” conservative investor – started a crypto fund of $270 million

And thanks to his intelligent investing, it’s now worth $1.5 billion.

I grew up old school, trained in value investing,” Scaramucci says. I missed some of the tech boom like Google and Amazon. I didn’t want to miss the next wave.” [Watch interview here.]

Scaramucci and his team at SkyBridge Capital are seeking even bigger gains on the next crypto run…

Even though the crypto markets are currently down…

Scaramucci’s and his team of Harvard educated researchers have uncovered new data that shows a handful of cryptocurrencies are about to soar – culminating in gains even greater than Ethereum.

In fact, Scaramucci recently joined the American Institute of Crypto Investing for an interview in New York City. 

In this riveting interview, he reveals three tiny cryptocurrencies – trading for pennies on the dollar – that his research shows are about to soar.  He says now is the time to get in while the prices are at bargain basement prices.

As a service to all our readers, the American Institute for Crytpo Investing is making this exclusive video available to you now.  For those who get in early, it could be life changing…