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Wall Street’s Most Conservative Investor Says “I’m All In On Crypto Now”

This is Anthony Scaramucci…

He’s been been an icon in the traditional financial markets for over three decades.

He’s been named one of the Top 100 People in Global Finance by Worth magazine .

He’s received Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

He served as vice president of Goldman Sachs’ Private Wealth Management Division.

Scaramucci is a conservative investor …a strict protégé of Warren Buffett’s value investing, and not long ago, he was a big skeptic of cryptocurrencies…

In fact, he snubbed crypto for years.

But now, he’s all in with a whopping $1.5 billion.

It’s one of the largest crypto stakes in the world.  And even though the crypto markets are currently down, he’s not selling a dime.  In fact, he’s loading up!

Now that might seem hard to fathom.  But there’s a very specific reason why Scaramucci is so bullish on crypto right now.

You see, our analysis of new pricing data from Fidelty, the largest financial services company in the world, shows exponential gains coming for crypto beginning this year… and exceeding previous all-time highs.

Scaramucci told us:  “I’m NOT going to miss this next big wave.”

 In fact, Scaramucci is now shifting his focus from Bitcoin to specialized altcoins and microcurrencies. These are the tiny coins – currently priced at $1 or less – that help industries conduct busiiness with smart contract techology,.

Scaramucci is one of America’s biggest insiders – he and his team of Harvard researhers have been talking to CEOs around the country. And companies like Exxon, Shell, Mercedes Benz, Rio Tinto… even FedEx and Microsoft… they’re all now heavily investing in smart contracts with these tiny cryptos. That’s why Scaramucci  believes a handful of these tiny crypto coins will see larger and faster gains than Bitcoin ever will…

Coins like Ethereum, which has peaked at 631,000% returns for those who bought it in 2015.

These “altcoins” start out small and unnoticed…

For example, Ethereum was going for only 75 cents  in 2015. A $100 investment could have turned into over $631,000… a $500 investment would have turned into $3.15 million!

Our research shows these kinds of breakouts are about to happen all over again.

In fact, Scaramucci and his team have pinpointed exactly three coins that could go even higher than Ethereum.  Giving investors a chance to turn a small investment of $100 into millions of dollars within five years.…

And for the first time ever, Scaramucci and his team is releasing details of these three crypto’s right now.

Just watch his video right here to learn more.