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Crypto winter” will end – and deliver massive profits: Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Director of Communications, is now one of America’s top crypto evangelists – even amid cryptocurrency’s slump.

Anthony plans to reveal his vision for crypto during today’s event – THE AICI SUMMIT.

He’s sharing everything he knows about a new generation of cryptocurrencies and why he’s now doubling down on a set of coins…

One coin just saw a 30% price gain after partnering with Reddit to sell custom NFT avatars.

And there’s a slew of other coins trailing behind.

This hidden boom is fostering a set of coins that’s producing rare gains even amid a murky market – and it’s happening right now.

Cryptocurrency has successfully minted more than 100,000 millionaires – and we’re still in the early innings.

Industry insiders believe that number is just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact – Anthony Scaramucci is certain this corner of the market will see a myriad of new millionaires in the coming days, weeks, and years.

If you could have a shot at generational wealth without waiting decades or half a lifetime for it to happen, wouldn’t you?

Behind THE AICI SUMMIT sit the industry’s leading experts – backed by actionable investing and trading research on cryptocurrencies and digital assets of all kinds.

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