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Special Livestream Event

Nick Black Hosts:

State of the Crypto Markets

Wednesday, November 16 @ 8 pm (EST)

The downfall of FTX has left the crypto markets bleeding, but Nick Black will reveal why this crash is the best thing to happen to crypto all year…and what to look out for next.

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Livestream Agenda:

  • Why the downfall of FTX is the best thing to happen to crypto all year

  • New regulations coming to crypto – here’s what to look out for and how you can protect your own crypto positions

  • Red Flags: which cryptocurrencies you need to avoid and how you could have foreseen the downfall of FTX, Luna, Celsius and other scams.

  • What will happen to scammers like Sam Bankman-Fried and celebrity endorsers like Tom Brady

  • Nick reveals why he’s NOT buying Bitcoin and Ethereum right now, and the specific event on January 10th that could lead to rock-bottom prices.

  • Big players like Black Rock, Mastercard, and Bank of America are diving into crypto and why it’s a thing good

  • Nick will reveal his favorite coins in the current market

  • Attendees will get exclusive reports from Nick every week to keep you updated on the current state of the crypto market. Plus, you’ll get…
  1.  Free Report #1: Trading Secrets of a Crypto Millionaire
  2.  Free Report #2: The 100x Hypercoin Portfolio (3 coins with 100x potential)
  3.  Free Report #3: When to Expect the Next Bitcoin Rally (and what to buy beforehand)
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Nick Black has been warning people about FTX and Solana for years! Those who didn’t listen paid the price this week… But Nick’s outlook on the crypto markets is still as optimistic as ever… This Wednesday, November 16th at 8 pm. Nick Black will explain why the downfall of FTX is great news for American crypto investors, and what he’s looking to buy next.

As a result of the FTX exchange going bankrupt…

  • Bitcoin is down 20% in 7 days…
  • Ethereum is down 22% in 7 days…
  • Cardano is down 19% in 7 days…
  • XRP is down 27% in 7 days…
  • Solana is down 57% in 7 days…
  • FTX token is down 94% in 7 days…

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For Wednesday’s Special Livestream at 8 pm.

“In just 7 days the crypto markets have become much safer for investors, and prices haven’t been this enticing in years.”