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3 Best Cryptocurrencies under $1

Smart investors are now shifting from Bitcoin to specialized altcoins and microcurrencies.

These are tiny coins – all currently priced at $1 or less.

Some of America’s most prominent financial insiders have noticed a recent trend among CEOs from companies like Exxon, Shell, Mercedes Benz, FedEx, and Microsoft…

They’re ALL investing in smart contracts with these tiny cryptos.

The reality? Unless you’re on the inside of behemoth companies like Exxon and Microsoft, it’s likely you’ve never seen or heard of these altcoins.

See, they’re chosen because they’re small – still undetected.

The same thing happened with Ethereum in 2015.

It was going for only 75 cents at the time…

No one was talking about it…

Very few were BUYING it.

But for those who bought in, it surged 631,000%…

Meaning a simple $100 investment could have turned into over $631,000…

And a $500 investment would have turned into $3.15 million.

Research shows these kinds of breakouts are about to happen all over again.

Ethereum’s merge is scheduled for mid-September…

Leaving analysts asking: Is the Ethereum “merge” driving the rally?

This second wave could come as soon as early fall.

A team of analysts just pinpointed three specific coins that could mirror Ethereum’s trajectory.

Some could soar even higher.

This guide will explore the top cryptos under $1 to consider adding to your portfolio today.

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